30 décembre, 2008

Hello and welcome to my painting and photographs on this blog. I am pleased to welcome you and introduce you to my work, through these oages. I hope to create many friendships with people like me, who express their wonder at life in this way. The techniques that I use for my paintings are made with acrylic, gouache, pastels, watercolor and anchor of China. My paintings are an invitation to travel and discovery. The harmony of colours forms the movement of lines. Our sensitivity and

English translation !

Persida Silva attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the section of art in Belgium it has made the design and painting she has already exhibited his creations in Belgium, Luxembourg, France. It shows here in our gallery of some of his creations. It will say that it makes the painting and design in his spare time! This artist is a woman of genius! For information: persida_silva@yahoo.fr