29 avril, 2009

I leave here a poem dedicated to me by a poet of Latin America called "Rascaso" because he enjoyed the songs I play the violin via the Internet, and made this poem dedicated to me was made on 21 December 2008. As you may know I am an artist also in music, play guitar, an instrument that I love and appreciate. The texts of poetry were written in espagñol but, I have to do the translation in English, will be better.
You violinist, perfect,
I love romantic sensuality,
complex and very soft to the palate of the ear.
You are who for some reason gives reason my
rhymes and verses from string and rope ...
Magistral is able to walk down the body of a
serenade as you do to make moan to your instrument ...
"As for George: as my guitar gently weeps. "If I hear how
it is that cries one imagine guitarrame as will you do with
your violin. In the light of a single candle which for some
because he delights in playing the wind ... Have you ever seen ...
beats like a shadow on the ceiling of a room? I can make my
verses mourn also make you laugh bémols and between flat and
passion to create a beautiful amor.Así a song is the delight of my
verses are as if they make love between stanzas and rhymes and
the stanzas of a dear friend I concierto.Si Here the notes for the music on your instrument ...

El Poeta Rascaso
Playa de Fajardo
Puerto Rico 12-21-08